Our Cup of Tee

Meet the Tee that is your personal reminder you are doing the best you can. You are making small changes to make a difference in your life or impact someone else’s. You are living carefree and letting go of any negativity or stress no matter what your story or struggle is. You believe in yourself and will share your struggle story to even one person to help minimize any stigma around it. Your purchase is supporting a cause, mission and allowing a safe place to communicate and share your highs and lows, and your wins both big and small.

Welcome to the Free as a tee club.

Happy Tee Time.!

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Meet the Tee that is your personal reminder you are doing the best you can. You are making small changes to make a difference in your life or impact someone else’s. Let our tee be your friendly reminder to be grateful for the things and items that are often overlooked like food, water, shelter, and clothing. Embrace our tees as a symbol to “Free” yourself from your daily battles and to remember the simple things and that small daily changes can make a huge impact. Free yourself one Tee at a time. 


Each Drop, we include Tee’s in featured colors that represent a cause or condition. Everyone can find the one Shirt that means something to them or purchased as a thoughtful gift for a loved one. Let your tee represent a milestone in your life, an accomplishment, or a beginning or end to a new chapter in your life. What's your Tee Meaning? 

Simple but Intentional

A T-shirt is one of the most basic items in the garment industry. With all the decisions we have to make in one day most of us are left with ‘Decision Fatigue’. A T-shirt is an easy choice and an item that is always “There for you” rather it is the item you grab to work out in, the item that is layered under a blazer for work, or the item you sleep in. We are reinventing the meaning of a “Basic Tee” by giving meaning and intention to your purchase…What's your cup of tee?

The Free Four

1. Female Owned

Free as a Tee is founded by woman, run by woman and focused on making Tee's for women. Although we would love to expand into men's Tee's in the near future.

2. Sourced Locally

We have pride in our Los Angeles roots. We believe in making long lasting partnerships in our local community to support the LA garment workers and reduce transportation emissions. All our
Tee's are designed, cut, sewn, dyed, packaged, and distributed locally in LA. 

3. Safe & Ethical

Creating safe and fair working conditions from beginning to end is an important part of our business. We work locally with a compliance based factory that follows strict policies, regulations and standards to meet ethical commands that support safe, comfortable and fair working environments. 

4. Clean & Conscious

Our partners are GOT certified which means we work with Non-toxic dyes and use more of a natural dye process. By using Organic materials and non-toxic dyes, both our customers and supply chain stay safe and protected. This supports the highest level of consumer safety and environmentally and socially friendly products.

About The Founder

Founder Ashley Michaelsen combined her passion of being an entrepreneurial spirit and fulfilling her purpose through storytelling and giving back. Free As A Tee was born from her own personal struggles of mental wellness, addiction and being a witness to how diseases and disorders can take a toll on you and your family. She is opening up about her story to help minimize the stigma and building a brand upon that as a reminder to make positive changes one baby step at a time.